Setting Up An Efficient, Ergonomic Office

Law offices, document research centers, and many other professional office spaces need a way to maintain productivity and comfort while receiving clientele with higher expectations. To make sure that your office is comfortable for an incoming client, but not so cozy that a co-worker or employee decides to take a nap on a slow day, here are a few furniture selection and placement considerations.

Lumbar Support And The Main Desk

Does your legal practice require a lot of time at one desk? Do you regularly pour over documents, or spend a lot of time on the computer conducting research and reaching out to colleagues or clients? The desk is a dangerous place to rest if you're not protecting your posture properly.

This isn't about looking professional or presentable. You need to make sure that your current workday isn't interrupted with cramps and pain, and that 5 or 10 years down the road, you won't be dealing with chronic pain because of spine problems. It's surprising how much the body can bring debilitating pain just by existing in the wrong position for too long, and by the time you're able to appreciate how bad it can get, it's too late to simply stop sitting incorrectly to fix it.

There are a lot of general health tips to follow for great posture and pain mitigation, but you need some passive fixes to keep your posture as protected as possible whether you want to support your back or not. Lumbar support is the key, and it comes in many different forms.

With most chairs, lumbar support is in the form of a padded bar near the bottom of the seat. This forces a natural curvature of the bottom of your back--the lumbar region or lumbar spine--which is often bent outwards by some of the more comfortable, standard ways that the human body rests.

Reclining And Locking

The ability to recline is highly sought after for both comfort and status, but you need to be able to lock your position into the best working level for your own comfort. 

Leaning or slouching over the desk is a position that happens whenever a computer or book reader is involved in one's work and needs to get a better look. This is not always because the leaning position is best, but because the fully-reclined position is so much worse.

An adjustable seat back can help you bring the back of your chair to a position that is more comfortable while giving you access to the keyboard and mouse, as well as view of the pages or screen. 

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