3 Innovative Office Furniture Ideas You Need To Consider

While visiting an office furniture dealer or warehouse, you may be surprised to see the various modern offerings for sale or rent. Why settle for the ordinary desk and chair, when there are other unique yet highly functional pieces that can set your office head and shoulders above the rest? If you're looking for cutting edge designs, they are out there, but you need to know what to look for. To offer up some inspiration, consider the following inspiring and highly innovative office furniture concepts:

1. A Ping Pong Conference Table

Forget the boring standard conference table that inspires little more than a yawn. Here's a great concept that is sure to energize employees and spark some imagination. When it is time to brainstorm, this attractive piece of furniture table functions as any other conference table for accommodations of up to a dozen seats. When the business at hand is complete, it is time to get your game on in style. The table comes with a roll top that will hold the ping pong net for a quick and easy set up. This unique table may offer easy assembly with no tools required.

You might also want to inquire about customization. Perhaps you'd like to imprint your business or company name on the table. Maybe you can use your company logo or design on as well.

2. A Double Desk for Four

If you are looking to expand your capabilities from a two person desk to a workstation that will accommodate four, here is your solution. Not only will the double desk for four save office space, it is practical in other ways as well. For instance, you might choose a stain resistant laminate top that will allow workers to sip their coffee with no worry of damaging a wood top table. It's also a good way for four individuals to share ideas and collaborate while working.

3. An Adjustable Height Standing Desk

All workers and employers need to recognize the importance of proper ergonomics in the workplace. The standing adjustable height desk is an innovation that has undeniable benefits. Sitting at a computer desk for hours on end can place a strain on an individual. It may cause back pain and shoulder soreness. It may also lead to fatigue. The stand up sit down convertible desk may help eliminate these problems, while increasing energy and production in employees.

Most experts will tell you that you need to switch up your routine in order to avoid repetitive stress injury. An adjustable height standing desk lets you go from a seated position to standing, at a height that is perfect for you. Best of all, the transition from sitting to standing is typically quick and easy.

Ask an office furniture dealer like Baker Street Office Furnishings Corp if the above mentioned products are available or may be special ordered.  

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