Five Master Bedroom Trends

Are you thinking that your master bedroom is due for an update but aren't quite sure how you'd like the end result to look? Keep in mind that your bedroom should reflect your personal style and preferences above all other rooms of the house as well as act as a serene sanctuary. Following are just five of the latest furniture trends designed to provide you with inspiration for that upcoming bedroom renovation project. 

Custom Headboards

Whether your preference is for a custom headboard made from driftwood from your favorite beach or one crafted from recycled hardwood from an old barn, custom headboards provide an excellent way to create a unique focal point that pulls any bedroom together. Asking your local furniture store what their custom design options are may yield some pleasant surprises—more and more furniture stores are finding ways to accommodate surging customer demand for individualized items. You also may be able to find a local artisan who can work with you to craft the headboard of your dreams from your choice of materials. 

Mini Kitchens

Naturally, you don't want to cook full family dinners in your bedroom, but mini kitchens allow you the opportunity to enjoy a light midnight snack or to keep a bottle of bubbly on hand for those times when you and your spouse are in the mood for an impromptu celebration. Having specialty food and beverage items close at hand also adds to the sanctuary effect of any bedroom. Items to include may be sparkling wine or water, bowls of fruit, or just basic sandwich fixings if you're the type who likes to enjoy a late snack.

You may also choose to have a two-burner stove installed so that you can brew tea. If you're a coffee lover, few things will smell more delicious to you than the aromatic scent of coffee being brewed right in your own bedroom. You could even add an espresso bar to your bedroom if that's your favorite morning drink. 

Glamorous Wallpaper

Wallpaper is moving back into the bedroom, but it's not covering all four walls like its counterparts of the past. Instead, many designers are using it as accenting. For instance, if you love the subdued tone of your blue-gray walls in your bedroom but feel the room could use a fresh infusion of color, consider offsetting one of the walls with a lovely floral wallpaper featuring soft pinks, greens, blues, and yellows. Contrasting trim will help bring the entire look together. 

Small Seating Areas

Modern bedrooms aren't just for sleeping. The addition of a small seating area allows you the opportunity to read, relax, or savor that first delicious morning cup of coffee in the privacy of your own personal sanctuary. A couple of soft chairs and a small table is probably all you will need. If you plan on reading while lounging in your small bedroom seating area, consider adding an attractive floor lamp in order to have optimal lighting. 

Stately Statement Pieces

Shabby chic has dominated the home decor scene in recent years and had made a particular mark in the bedroom, but this year is seeing the return of the stately statement piece. It may be an antique, but it can just as likely be a well-made piece from your local furniture store. It could be an armoire, a dresser, a bookcase, or a desk—whatever it is, it should be an investment piece that you plan on keeping for a long time. 

Please don't hesitate to reach out to your local furniture store for more inspiration on renovating your master bedroom this year. For more information, contact local professionals like Visions In Contemporary Living.

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