4 Additions to Consider if You're Building a Safe & Secure Child's Room

A child's room can be more than a mere sleeping area. With a bit of planning and creativity, you can build a multi-purpose child's room that is safe and secure, and where your child can play, learn, and sleep. Here are some ideas for creating a unique and creative room for an active and inquisitive child:

Add Wall Panels: You can install upholstered wall panels throughout a child's room to create a sound-proof room where your child can play without creating noise or sounds that can be heard in other areas of your house. These upholstered wall panels can extend from floor to ceiling to create a soft surface for young children to play near without hurting themselves.

Choose bright colored upholstery fabrics for these wall panels that can create different sections in their room where a child can read, jump and play, and/or sing and dance. For safety, you can have a small camera installed near the ceiling so that you can monitor your child's activities without disturbing them.

Consider Bunk Beds: A child's bunk bed can be built to incorporate more than just a place to sleep. You can use one of the bunk bed spaces to create a media area where your child can have a TV and a computer. The interior walls of this media area can be upholstered so that a TV or computer cannot be heard outside of the room.

A child-size desk and chair can be included in this media area where a child can do their homework and read. You can also add a wall-mounted folding bed in this area to accommodate your child's guests when they visit and spend the night.

Add Child's Playhouse: You can build a creative playhouse in your child's room in any shape you can imagine. A child can have a playhouse in the shape of a castle, a boat, an airplane, or a spaceship. Once you have the framework built, you can have interior upholstered panels and cushions created to line the playhouse and give your child a padded and safe place to play. Upholstered cushions can be made with zippered covers so that they can be removed and laundered frequently.

Include Child-Size Furniture: Small upholstered beanbag chairs, ottomans, and stools can be created for your child's room so that they can use them wherever they want to create temporary play areas. This upholstered furniture can be stacked in one corner of the room when not being used. You can have this furniture created in different shapes to stimulate your child's imagination when they play. Hammocks and soft swings can also be suspended from the ceiling to create a unique place for your child to read a book and hang out. To learn more about your furniture options, contact local upholstery services.

A multi-purpose child's room can be a great place for a young child and even a young teenager. As your child grows, you can update their room to accommodate their new interests and activities. Talk to your child often to see how you can update their room. A customized child's room can become a great source of inspiration, learning, and comfort for the child that lives there.

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