4 Tips For Getting The Right New Mattress

If you no longer sleep comfortably on your old mattress, it is time to retire your old mattress and invest in a new one. Follow the four tips below to ensure that you sleep well on your new mattress.

Replace Your Mattress Before A Decade Passes

One of the keys to getting the right mattress is realizing that the right mattress is not going to last forever. Over time, the materials in your mattress are going to start degrading. This will cause you to sleep poorly and even wake up feeling uncomfortable and in pain. Don't keep your mattress for more than a decade. If a decade of ownership is approaching, it is time to invest in a new mattress.

Replace The Box Spring At The Same Time

Although your box spring may seem more sturdy, you should replace it at the same time you replace your mattress. Over time the springs compression ability will change due to the pressure of you sleeping on it. In order to keep the correct structure, you should replace your box spring at the same time you replace your mattress as your box spring will affect the quality of your mattress.

Test It Out

You may feel silly doing it, but when you find a mattress that you really like, test it out. Mattress store salespeople will actually encourage you to test out a mattress; they don't want you to return the mattress.

Take off your shoes, bring a pillow with, and lay on the mattress like you normally would when you sleep. Test out the mattress for at least twenty minutes. This will allow your body time to relax and will allow you to really determine if the mattress feels comfortable and fits with the way that you sleep.

Check Your Spinal Alignment

When you sleep, your bed should support your spine. You want your bed to keep your spine fairly straight and neutral. You don't want your spine to curve up or sag downwards as you lay and sleep. A friend can best spot this for you while you are testing out a mattress. Everyone's spine is different, which is why the testing test is so crucial. If the bed doesn't support your spine in a neutral way, try out a different mattress. If you want to avoid back pain when you sleep, you need a bed that supports your spine.

It is important to replace both your mattress and box spring at the same time, and to do so before a decade has passed for the best quality sleep. When looking for a new mattress, make sure it supports your spine and really give it a test run before you buy it.  

For more information on how to find a mattress, such as queen sized mattresses, contact a local business.

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