Moving Your Business? 6 Key Steps To Take In The Final Week

Moving your business to a new location can be hectic and stressful. You can make it work smoother and more successfully by doing a few things in the final week. Here are six key steps.

1. Walk the New Location. Don't take for granted the readiness of your new office location. About a week before the big move-in day, walk the new area with the building manager, construction supervisors, or landlord. Look for items that aren't quite ready for employees and equipment, such as light bulbs not placed, non-working doors, flooring that hasn't been cleaned, or leftover construction materials piling up. 

2. Give Employees Time. Give everyone in your office some extra time in the week to pack up their offices, organize materials, and purge unneeded items. If some personnel or offices are simply too busy to get to these pre-moving tasks, hire temporary employees or reassign someone from another department to help them with certain tasks. 

3. Remove Personal Items. Ask all employees to remove their personal items from their work stations and take them home. You don't want anything of personal value to be misplaced or broken during the transition. And it will lighten the packing and transportation load.

4. Ask For Packing Help. You should work with a professional business moving service, delegating the actual moving-in process. But during the week ahead of that day, work out a little extra help packing last-minute departments or items. It's an investment that will be worth your while in order to keep the business functioning well and to reduce everyone's stress during the final days. 

5. Arrange for Special Items. Does your office or work site have some unusual items that will need moved? These items can vary widely, but may include large plants, an aquarium, specialty industrial equipment, sensitive technology, or even commercial vehicles. Ask what the moving service can handle and what you'll need to make separate arrangements for. If in doubt, you may want to have employees move fragile items or hire a specialty provider. 

6. Assign a Point Person. Assign an employee or hire temporary help to work at the new office up to a week before moving in. This person can get the doors open to customers and answer phones. They can also be available to help set up offices and equipment and ensure that everything is in functional order before everyone else arrives.

Follow these few steps in the last week or so before you change office locations. Doing so will help ensure that there are few surprises and that everything gets transferred in as seamless a way as possible. Then, you can get back to the business of making a profit. For more information, contact a company like Changing Spaces Inc.

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