Wood Furniture Care Steps

Wood is one of the more common materials to use when making furniture. Yet, many individuals are unaware of the basics of caring for high-quality wood furniture. This can lead to the furniture suffering avoidable damage and wear.

Appreciate The Use Of Coasters And Placemats

Coasters and placemats are among the most effective forms of protection that you have for your wood tables. Placemats will be able to intercept the food that may fall off plates so that it will be unable to stain the wood. Coasters will prevent watermarks from occurring as a result of condensation on glasses and cups. You should avoid leaving the coasters or placemats on the table when it is not in use as this could lead to food or other substances getting stuck under the placemat or coaster for an extended period of time.

Use A Beeswax Protective Coating

Applying a protective finish is something that many people will fail to do as a result of not understanding the various options for this upgrade. While aerosol wood-cleaning products are available at most grocery stores, these may not be the best products to use as aerosols can lead to residues and other accumulations that can lead to the furniture appearing dull. Beeswax coatings can provide much of the same protection as aerosol products, but it will be less damaging to the wood.

Understand The Steps For Removing Stains

Once a stain has occurred, it can be fairly difficult to remove. When stains seep deep into the wood, the only way to remove them may be to completely refinish the wood. This will involve sanding away the top layer of the wood so that the stain can be removed or at least reduced in visibility. After this step, a new stain and protective coating can be applied to restore the appearance of the wood.

Be Mindful When Moving The Furniture

Moving the furniture can be among the most dangerous times for it. During this part of the process, you can easily bang the furniture into the walls or other pieces of furniture in the room, and this can lead to deep scratches, dents and other damages to the wood. Whenever you are needing to move these items, you should consider wrapping them in a thick blanket. This may not be perfect protection, but it will help to reduce the threat from minor impacts. Furthermore, you may want to invest in leg pads for the furniture as this can make it much easier to slide into position.

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