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There are a number of things that you want to learn about when it comes to caring for upholstered furniture. You may find that there is plenty that you don't know, and the things that you don't know can make the difference between keeping your upholstery looking great for many years or finding that it looks like it needs to be reupholstered after a short period of time. Here are some of the things you should keep in mind:

Start by selecting the right upholstery to begin with

The best thing you can do is to be sure that you start with choosing the right upholstery for your household. If you don't have many people over and you don't spend a lot of time hanging out around the house on your furniture, then you can go with just about any upholstery and not be too concerned about it wearing or getting dirty. However, if you do a lot of hosting or spend a lot of time sitting around on your furniture, or if you have kids and/or pets, then you want a hardy upholstery that's easy to clean. Furniture that gets a lot of use should have a synthetic upholstery.

Take extra steps to protect your furniture

There are things you can do to protect your furniture from things like dirt and spills. Choose an upholstery that has been protected at the factory. Then, when it comes home, you can also protect it yourself by applying your own protective spray. Also, if you know someone will be coming over or staying with you that is hard on furniture, you can cover it with a plastic covering or even with a fitted sofa cover.

Keep your upholstery clean

You can help your upholstery stay clean longer by vacuuming it every time you vacuum your flooring. Also, spot clean little stains as soon as you see them to help the entire piece look cleaner longer. Before you use any new cleaning product on any upholstery, check that it won't have a negative effect by putting it on a hidden piece of upholstery first.

Watch where you put your furniture

One potential problem is most people like to put their furniture in sunny areas, so they achieve a cheerful look. However, that sun can come right in and bleach those pieces of furniture over time. It's better to place pieces in shaded areas of the house.

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