Get More Space Out Of Your Living Room

If your living room is smaller than you would like, then there are some tricks that you can use to make it look larger. When you give the appearance of it looking larger, you won't feel as cramped when you are relaxing and trying to enjoy family time. Here are some of the tricks you can use to create the appearance of a larger living area.

Mirrors can lighten up a living room

Light is very important to a living room, but some living areas have harsh lighting. When you install more mirrors in this area, it allows the light to bounce off the mirrors and create a brighter space. When you make the space look brighter, it also creates the feeling of the space being larger. You want to hang the mirrors on the walls with the least amount of space between them, since these are the ones that will be needing to look more elongated.

Large, open windows create the feeling of more space

You want to take advantage of all of the windows you have in your living area. Make sure that the windows aren't decorated with heavy curtains, because they will take from the windows, even when they are pulled to the sides and open. Instead, use lightweight window dressings or pull up blinds that can be opened so they are all the way up and not taking from the size of the windows and the light coming through them.

Use area rugs sparingly

When you put a lot of area rugs in the living area, it can cause the area to look more cluttered and this means that it will look as if it is smaller than it already may be. Instead, try not to use rugs in the living room or use one very large one if you feel you really want to have a rug in that area of the house.

Select your furniture carefully

You want to put plenty of thought into the living room furniture you use when you are trying to get more room out of your living space. Instead of using a couch and a love seat, opt for a couch and a recliner. Instead of using a coffee table that goes in front of the couch, opt for a couple small end tables that can be strategically placed to be out of the way, while still offering places to set drinks and remote controls.

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