Are You Designing A Rustic Kitchen?

Do you love nature with a passion? Maybe your dream home is patterned after a country cabin. If so, you more than likely would also love to have a rustic look in your kitchen. From selecting reclaimed doors to selecting furniture for your rustic kitchen, here are some ideas that might help you to create a truly unique place where your family and friends can gather. 

Reclaimed Wood 

Think of starting your kitchen design with the selection of reclaimed wooden doors. For example, if you want to separate the cooking area from the eating area of your kitchen, consider hanging half of a reclaimed barn door for that purpose. Then use the other half of the barn door as a wall hanging. Talk about a unique way of decorating! If you want to add drama to the kitchen, consider painting the reclaimed wood a bright color, maybe turquoise or brick red. Or, for a really rustic look, keep the reclaimed barn door exactly as you found it. Of course, you will probably have to clean it up a bit.

Consider using reclaimed wood doors as the top of your cooking island, too. It may not turn into the best place to roll out pie shells or cookie dough, but you can use a plastic or wooden mat for those times that you need a smooth surface to work on. As you select your kitchen cabinets and your counter tops, think of selecting wood material that will complement the reclaimed doors.

The Furniture  

If you are focusing on a totally rustic look, consider buying rustic wooden furniture. For added pizzazz, think of buying unfinished wood and painting it yourself. For example, if you painted the reclaimed wood that you are using for your kitchen island turquoise, think of painting the wooden table and chairs the same color. Or, give it a shabby chic look with emphasis on turquoise touches. 

If you want to add a bit of a contemporary feeling to your rustic kitchen, think of buying a metal table and metal chairs. Or, combine wood with metal. For example, you could still have a wooden table made out of reclaimed wood, but then select metal for the chairs. Or, for a very unique look, choose a metal table and then select ladder back chairs that are mismatched. Think of buying a shelf with a rustic look also. It will be a great place to display casual dinnerware and things like pottery pieces and your cookbook collection. 

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