Suggestions For Buying A Coffee Table When You Have Small Children

Having young children may mean that your living room is frequently littered with toys, craft supplies, and costumes, but this doesn't mean that you can't buy some nice living room furniture to enjoy. There are many individual pieces that you might want to consider if you're investing in new furniture for this part of your home, including a new coffee table. While you'll want to choose a coffee table that complements your other living room furniture, as well as meets your sense of style, there are some child-related details that you should also keep in mind as you shop.


The legs on any coffee table can significantly influence whether or not it's a good one to buy when you have children. You want to choose a table that has its legs out near each of the four corners. This will provide stability to the table. Conversely, a coffee table that has legs that are inset several inches from the corners may be unstable. If a young children were to lean on the edge of such a table — perhaps while learning to walk — the table could tip forward. When the legs are right at the corners, it's very difficult for this to happen.


Young children have a tendency to tear around the living room at times, and this can mean that they occasionally crash into your furniture. To lessen the risk of injuries and upset, you may want to seriously consider a coffee table that has rounded corners. The corners of some coffee tables are sharp, which can be downright painful for a child to bump into. A sharp corner could leave a deep scratch on a child's sensitive skin. A coffee table with rounded corners, meanwhile, is less apt to cause such an injury.


A lot of coffee tables simply consist of four legs and a tabletop, but there are others that include other elements. For example, an open-style coffee table might have a shelf partway up the legs. Some coffee tables are even enclosed, offering a couple of drawers or cupboard-style storage. A coffee table that provides storage can be ideal when you have young children. The storage space inside of the table is perfect for storing your children's frequently used items. The ease of access means that your kids can not only retrieve their toys when they want to play, but can also stash their toys out of sight in the coffee table upon your request.

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