Three Uses For Cowhide In Western-Style Furniture

If you're someone who loves Western-inspired decorations in your home, you may want to evaluate what types of furniture support this theme. Visit a local furniture store, and you might be surprised to know that there are many options when it comes to hand-stitched Western-style furniture. One particular look that you'll repeatedly see is products that are covered in cowhide. Sometimes, the cowhide will be authentic, while in other pieces, it will be synthetic. Here are some uses for cowhide in this type of furniture.

Couches And Chairs

If you really want a lot of cowhide in your home, one way that you can accomplish this goal is to buy one or more couches and/or chairs in this finish. Doing so will give the room in which you place these pieces of furniture a bold look, but if this is the look that you desire, you'll be pleased with these purchases. Some people choose a cowhide couch but opt for plain chairs. Another option is to choose a few different padded chairs, but buy one in cowhide as an accent piece.


If you don't feel as though you can get away with cowhide couches and chairs in your living room, but still have an interest in Western-style furniture, one choice to consider is to buy a cowhide ottoman. This approach allows you to choose a couch with more of a muted appearance, but then provide some visual contrast through the ottoman. The use of a cowhide ottoman alongside other pieces of furniture that are more muted gives you the ability to show your passion for Western decor but without making your living room look like a barnyard.

Area Rug

A fun way to show off your love for Western-style furniture is to choose a cowhide area rug. Area rugs have a knack for adding a feeling of warmth to the room in which you place them, and a cowhide pattern on your area rug gives it a fun appearance. Authentic cowhide area rugs commonly have a naturally flowing shape, rather than a square or rectangular one. This provides a rustic quality to the space that may be consistent with how you're trying to decorate your home. Certain furniture retailers specialize in Western items, so if your local store doesn't provide you with the selection that you desire, find a retailer online that has an extensive stock of Western furniture and other items.

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