How Adjustable Mattresses Can Help You Sleep

Why choose an adjustable mattress? If you're not sure whether you should select a standard bed or try this movable option, take a look at what an adjustable alternative can do for you.

Added Comfort

Is night-time comfort a challenge? If you toss, turn, pile pillows under your neck or legs, or just can't get comfortable, an adjustable mattress can help. Whether you need to elevate your head or need more foot support, you can find the just-right position that will help you drift off in complete comfort.

Ease Chronic Pain

Do you suffer from chronic neck or back pain? Chronic pain can make sleeping difficult (at best). If you've tried medications to ease the pain or help you to sleep, an adjustable option can help to soothe discomfort. While this type of bed won't entirely alleviate pain, it may allow you to find a position that doesn't put additional strain on your neck or back or require you to take lots of medicine every night.

Reduce Acid Reflux

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) can get in the way of a good night's sleep. A horizontal position can make it easier for acid to escape from your stomach. This leads to heartburn and serious discomfort.

A sitting position can reduce the effects and make it less likely that you'll experience symptoms. If a pile of pillows propped behind your back is uncomfortable, consider an adjustable bed. This option allows you to move the mattress and easily elevate your head above your stomach without a wall of pillows.

Improve Digestion

Even if you don't have acid reflux, sleeping in a horizontal position can make it difficult to digest your food. If you eat before bed or enjoy a middle of the night snack, the option to move the head of your bed up can improve digestion.

Read in Bed

Do you enjoy a good book before bedtime? Whether you read from paper pages, on your laptop, or on your tablet, reclining in a horizontal position isn't ideal. The ability to raise your head up—again without the use of multiple pillows—can help you to read in comfort.

Decrease Snoring

A flat sleeping position may make it more likely that you'll snore. This adds weight to your neck and blocks airflow—and increases the likelihood you'll snore more. Do you keep your spouse, family member, or even yourself awake with your nightly noises? If you snore, an adjustable mattress option allows you to sleep in an elevated position.

Whether you have chronic pain, suffer from GERD, snore, or just can't get comfortable in bed, adjustable mattresses can solve these problems and make it possible to finally get a good night's sleep. For more information, visit a mattress company such as Camarillo Mattress.

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